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Bugatti Veyron

Bugatti Veyron chauffeured hire UK wide availability.

Bugatti-b-logoSince its launch in 2005, the Bugatti Veyron has been regarded as a supercar of superlative quality. Bugatti’s real challenge for their developers to fulfil the specifications that the new supercar was supposed to meet: over 1,000 bhp; a top speed of nearly 250 mph and the ability to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in under three seconds. Experts in the industry thought it was impossible to achieve these performance specs on the road.

That was not all.

Bugatti then went on to set the benchmarks even higher. That plan was to turn this amazing supercar into a luxury road car suitable for everyday use. That set the experts talking! We all today know that the development of the Veyron to what it is today was one of the greatest technological, if not the greatest, challenges ever known in the automotive industry.

bugattiThe plan was to create everything: parts, components or systems from scratch. Nothing was to be be taken from existing car concepts and used in the Veyron. Everything had to be developed from scratch to achieve the demands of the performance specs set out by the designers and then everything had to be implemented in the car. Many other specialised industries were drawn in on this project which meant materials and systems were custom designed and subjected to testing like that that had never been seen before, such as  specialists in aviation and space travel no less! The Bugatti Veyron is the first and the only true supercar to be developed and constructed this way. Here we are, ten years after its global launch and this supercar of supercars is still setting bugatti-veyron-hire-10standards and benchmarks, the like of which will never be equalled.

All Veyron 16.4’s are all out . . . . but you can hire one right here!

Please note this vehicle is chauffeur hire only.